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Dartcom Fibre Solutions, Powered by Dartcom SA(Pty) Ltd

Dartcom Fibre Solutions is a South African based manufacturer of world class fibre optic cables produced under licence to OFS Fitel,LLC. Dartcom Fibre Solutions is a BEE Level 2 contributor and distributes throughout Africa.

About Us

Partner of Furukawa Electric Company

Dartcom SA Fibre Solutions partner of Furukawa Electric Company that has been a pioneer in optical fibre cables since 1884. Dartcom Fibre Solutions relationship with the Furukawa Electric Company ensures compliance with global quality standards, reliable access to stock, comitative pricing and cutting-edge developments in technology.


B-BBEE, Legal Compliance, Corporate Governance

Producing world class fibre optics

since 1 December 2017

Dartcom Fibre Solutions manufactures a wide variety of high-quality cables, with an annual manufacturing capacity exceeding 12, 000km. Our facility in Waltloo Pretoria has seen its product deployed successfully throughout Africa. We specialise in the production of:

  • Drop cable
  • Micro cable
  • Heavy-duty duct cable
  • All dielectric self-support cables
  • E-glass layered cable
  • Warehouse and logistics

Dartcom Fibre Solutions can produce customer specific fibre colouring and ring marking. All products go through rigorous inspections and quality checks to meet all requisite specifications.

Comprehensive Telecommunications Solutions

The Dartcom Group distributes and manufactures a wide range of leading edge, innovative products for the telecommunications sector. Our solutions are forward thinking and aim to meet all your connectivity, power and surveillance requirements. In addition,Gbitel, Dartcom’s installation and deployment company, is fully certified and able to undertake installation of infrastructure across South Africa.

Dartcom Fibre Solutions is a newly built fibre optic production facility, in Waltloo, Tshwane. Get in touch with one of our experts to discuss your fibre optic needs and to quote you on a solution that fits your budget.

Our Team


Brett Nash

Operation Manager

Stefan Jost

General Manager

Gert Jansen van Rensburg

Financial Manager

Nikhil Patel

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